AVCO Roofing

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Donnie Parkinson started the company in 2007. The Company had great success until his passing in 2014. Their  team is now up to 40+ members in the office 70+ members in the field. The team continues to strive to become the leaders in the industry.

Their mission at Avco roofing is to protect homes, strengthen families and build community. The heart behind Avco Gives Back Campaign is to connect their customers to a larger community of charities and their work.

For over 10 years, AVCO Roofing has provided roofing and reroofing services in Denton and nearby areas. Equipped with state of the art tools and equipment, the company can mount modified bitumen, standing seam TPO, metal, PVC, and shingle roofing on residential and commercial buildings. Its licensed installers conduct regular roof inspections to identify any issues early.

Roof inspection services: Maintaining your roof is crucial for the look, feel, and function of your home or business. Scheduling yearly roof maintenance checks prevent roof decay, leaks, and other damages that could turn hazardous through the years. It isn’t something you want to put off or leave in the hands of the inexperienced contractor.

Roof repair services: Their roofing contractors are available year round, which is critical during emergency situations. It’s important for home and business owners to schedule inspections to maintain the roof’s value and functionality.  It may not snow much in the south, but sun and rain can damage roof shingles over time too—not to mention hail and strong winds. Detecting leaks and other damages early is cost-effective and minimizes hassle.

Website: https://avcoroofing.com/