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Softbox is an award-winning temperature control packaging innovator that has been designing and producing high-performance passive temperature control packaging systems for over 20 years. They offer consistent quality to their clients from their strategically located global manufacturing sites throughout EMEA, Americas, India and Asia Pacific.

They have formed long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical research and logistics companies, and apply innovative thinking to overcome the challenges that their clients face in managing the cold chain when shipping temperature-sensitive commercial and clinical trial products.

Their range of engineered packaging systems has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure the cold chain can be maintained with confidence.

Services offer by Softbox are as follows:

1. Vaccine Shippers: Shipping vaccines safely prior to dosing couldn’t be any more critical. complex logistical challenges posed by temperatures, timescales, volumes, safety, and security are all key considerations.

2. Pallet in Pallet Shippers: Softbox’s pallet in pallet shippers are used extensively by the pharmaceutical and life science industries, both of which demand temperature-sensitive products to be moved safely and securely around the globe.

3. Pallet shippers: Pallet shippers are the perfect systems for bulk consignments. But there can be no doubting the incredible impact they have had on the handling and efficiency of mobile goods. Softbox pallet shippers are isothermal and will maintain product temperature stability for bulk loads for up to 120 hours.

4. Thermal Covers: Their comprehensive range of reflective, thermally-insulated covers is another part of the Softbox that helps guard temperature-sensitive products against every conceivable eventuality in the transportation process.