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Starting as a family business in Los Angeles in 1999, IPC started supplying the produce industry in southern California with the containers, insulation and refrigerant materials required to ship their goods around the world. The company founder quickly recognized the national and global demand for such products, and IPC began to reach out, via trade shows and the internet, to the many industries that require temperature-control packaging around the world.

Since 1999, they have focused on studying, perfecting, producing and delivering effective temperature-control packaging to companies shipping medicines, foods and industrial goods worldwide.

More than two decades later, IPC operates a modern, self-sustained manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California. In the factory, IPC produces numerous temperature-control packaging materials used by a variety of industries. IPC has established hundreds of major accounts nationwide that purchase weekly supplies of the packaging goods they require to operate.

Their insulated packaging products are suitable for protecting any temperature-sensitive products during transit. Some examples of industries that use their insulated packaging are shown below.

  1. Food industries: Keep your deliveries cold all the way from your premises to your customers’ refrigerator with their insulated food delivery bags. Simply load them with your cold food products, instantly seal them up using the adhesive strip, and effectively contain the cool temperature as they make their way to your customers.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Their insulated box liners keep diagnostic reagents, medical devices,    blood products, insulin and similar products cool, sweat free, and protected during transport. Their state of the art box liners protect from heat especially during summer months for up to 24 hours, this will ensure your valuable materials arrive safely.

Website: https://ipcpack.com/