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Cryopak is a complete cold chain packaging solutions provider specializing in the field of temperature-controlled packaging. From needs assessment to package qualification, Cryopak handles your packaging projects with one paramount goal: Maintaining the integrity of your products. Their materials and processes cover the spectrum from converting EPS or fabricating boxes to manufacturing phase change materials and temperature monitors.

Solutions offered by Cryopak are as follows:

  1. Cold Chain Packaging: Cryopak’s cold chain packaging solutions help keep your valuable products within their required temperature range during transit, whether at frozen, refrigerated, or controlled room temperatures.
  2. Refrigerants: Cryopak offers a large selection of refrigerants in a variety of different sizes, weights, and temperature ranges to suit your every need. From tough and reusable to light and flexible, they can work with you to find your right fit.

  3. Temperature Monitoring: They employ the latest technology as it becomes available and have a strong track record for introducing new products to meet customer needs. They pride themselves on being a market-driven company providing a high level of service to both distributors and customers alike.