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Network Cabling Services (NCS)

For over 40 years, NCS has been providing quality products and installation of reliable communication infrastructure solutions for today’s ever-changing networking environment. NCS sets the industry standards for seamless local, regional, and national products, services, and safety. They work with some of the most prestigious universities, hospitals, and industrial leaders to install custom mobility, audio visual, security, networking, and other smart building capabilities to drive forward their technology initiatives. NCS is certified and trained in over 100 different manufacturing lines.

Services Offered:

Structured Cabling Services : Structured cabling is a critical backbone that drives today’s communication systems. NCS designs and installs dynamic and cost-effective network communication systems built to meet the needs of your growing organization. As a full-service infrastructure provider with over 100 manufacturing lines available, they offer a full range of services from inspection to support.

Audio Visual : Over the last decade, the office AV installation systems landscape has changed dramatically. Today, with the current AV over IP offerings, your AV components can not only send and receive content over the network, but also offer convenient management from almost any computer or mobile device.

Commercial Security Camera & Systems : More than just setting up a camera, no comprehensive security strategy is complete without a video surveillance platform enabling visibility and insight into your business. The access control systems is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy that increases safety, serves as a crime deterrent, monitors traffic levels, and allows for capturing and documenting security events on your premises.

Commercial Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Solutions : Network-powered lighting systems provide building owners with a fully integrated, end-to-end, intelligent system leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, building automation, HVAC, analytics, and other technologies. Similar in the way Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered innovations in enterprise telecommunications networks, PoE lighting offers a defining platform that enables new capabilities.

Wireless and Other Services : Enable your employees to benefit from connecting and doing business from anywhere at any time. You need a partner who will allow you to grow as your business demands it. Look to NCS as your partner of choice for all your wireless networking needs.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) : Distributed Antenna Systems is a communications system that brings in wireless signals from outside your building, amplifies that signal with a signal booster, and then evenly distributes those signals throughout the building for greatly improved wireless signal quality. Here they will look at the 2 main types of DAS, how DAS works, why you should utilize this system, the benefits DAS can provide and the DAS services and solutions that NCS offers.

Nurse Call Systems & Solutions : Nurse call systems (NCS) allow patients to call or contact their nurse or nurse’s station quickly and easily. Some also allow staff to communicate with each other and have integrated staff and equipment locator options.