For over 30 years, Infassure has made office technology easier. Simpler. Yes, even enjoyable. Whether you need structured wiring, security, audio/visual or communications systems – or all of the above – Infassure delivers completely integrated, thoroughly innovative, astonishingly economical solutions.

Infassure provides expert technical services in a variety of fields. See what their capabilities are and how their technological solutions can help your company. Following are the services offered by infassure

Structured Wiring

Once you have the right cable wiring in place, any communication, audio, video, or security upgrade is possible.

Audio Video

Though it’s virtually impossible to eliminate office noise, modern technology has made it possible to effectively mask it. With sound masking technology, your space will be the best of both worlds: a comfortable, welcoming working environment free from frustrating distractions.

Security Systems

With top-of-the-line solutions, such as biometric access control systems and mobile access, Infassure’s security system installers will put the power of technology on your side.

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