Nortech Labs Inc

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Nortech Labs, Inc. is a pioneer and leader in gel manufacturing & cold shipping products. As the original inventor of the Therma-Kool® Hot / Cold Gel Therapy Pack (Patent # 3,780,537), they are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ways of incorporating  their gel into different products.

Over the past 60 years they have expanded their capabilities and are now servicing their products all over the world. As of 2021, their product line reaches over fifty markets including health professionals, dentists, surgical dealers, wholesale/distributors, government agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and much more.

When faced with adversity, Nortech strives to think outside the box and implement safer products for an ever growing healthcare / first aid market & cold chain shipping industries. In 2005, Nortech Labs developed InstaKool Instant Cold Pack, an Ammonium Nitrate Free product with the use of a proprietary formula, CarbamaKool™.

Nortech Labs is also a distributor of first aid, cold temperature / temperature sensitive transport, positioning, home healthcare, and emergency disposable products

Let Nortech help you develop and customize your products. They understand that branding and packaging are key components for the optimization of any business. Nortech offers consulting for a wide range of customized products in the first aid, gel therapy and positioning markets.