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Axizz llc specialize in manufacturing technologically advanced Wellness products for medical, commercial, shipping and consumer applications. In addition they also do Liquid Spill Control, Agricultural & Horticulture Plant helpers. Axizz llc is a customer driven company that is totally focused on providing you high quality products cost effectively.

Axizz corporation founded with the goal of developing, manufacturing, and marketing a comprehensive line of technologically advanced but cost effective temperature control products for medical, commercial and consumer applications. In addition to that they also specialize in Liquid Spill Control, Horticulture and Agricultural Soil helper products. Being a technology company they are constantly doing research and development with new and innovative products and one of their major strengths is customized jobs.

In the last three years alone, Axizz llc has developed and commercialized over 170 temperature control products such as Hot/Cold therapy products for medical applications and gel ice packs for shipping and storage applications. These products are marketed internationally under the trade names FREEZEZE™, HOTEZEZE™, TEMTRO™, THERMAPACK™, THERMASHIP™, THERAPRO™, and REACTRO™, AGRIGEL™, FLORIST ICE™, and many more.

Products: Commercial Gel Ice Packs