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Experienced Probate Attorney

They provide top quality, specialized representation in high conflict divorce, divorce with complex property division and divorce with heated child custody battles or divorce with challenges of a special needs child.

From a simple, uncontested agreed divorce to the most difficult courtroom combat, if you want a skilled attorney and professional legal representation, you want the Bob Leonard Law Group.

Whether a child custody fight or mediation is part of a divorce or a separate legal matter, hiring an expert in child custody can help you avoid burning the bridge between parents your child will be crossing the rest of their life.

Highly Qualified Fort Worth Area Probate Attorneys 

Probate refers to handling an estate when the deceased left a valid last will and testament.  Depending on the types of assets and debts in the estate, you may probate a will in the probate court.  The court will appoint an executor, who receives letters testamentary, to handle the estate.  The executor must be represented by seasoned, experienced probate attorney. If you have a will contest, a high asset estate or a simple probate, Bob Leonard Law group’s attorneys stand ready to assist you.


Guardianship refers to the appointment of guardian to take care of a person (Ward) who can no longer care for himself/herself. The ward is determined by the probate court to be incapacitated. To apply to be a guardian in Texas, you must be represented in court by a guardianship attorney who is certified by the state bar of Texas. Bob Leonard Law Group guardianship lawyers hold the certification and are ready to support you in becoming a guardian.