24 Hour Home Care

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24 hour home care are an industry leading non-medical home care agency that offers a wide variety of services. Their mission is to provide the highest-quality care to their clients so that they can continue to age peacefully and comfortably in their own home, without having to seek alternative housing options such as a skilled nursing facility or assisted living. They seek to make an impact to their clients lives by providing services that will improve their overall quality of life and help them live their life to the absolute fullest. They offer several different types of care and services to their clients that can be tailored to their exact needs.

Services They Offer

  • Personal Care – Their personal care services ensure that you or your loved ones have to help you need in order to maintain personal hygiene, use the restroom or simply ambulate throughout their home. Their caregivers can assist with making sure that you or your loved one feels like the best version of themselves while in the comfort of their own home.
  • Light Housekeeping – Their caregivers are able to provide light housekeeping services so that you and your loved one’s won’t have to strain yourselves over cleaning the home. Light housekeeping services they provide include taking the trash out, assisting with laundry, maintaining a clean environment and assisting with organization of the home.
  • Meal Preparation – Meal preparation is one of the most tedious aspects of self-care, but it is imperative in living a healthy lifestyle. If you or your loved ones are struggling to prepare and consume health meals and snacks, their caregivers can help by assisting with grocery shopping, general kitchen safety, cooking and cleaning up after a meal.
  • Medication Reminders – Handling and keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging, but it can actually save your or your loved one’s life! Their caregivers help with medication reminders and management to ensure that medication is getting into the hands of the proper people, at the right time! Their caregivers keep their clients safe by monitoring any negative side effects or complications from medications, so your loved one’s will always have peace of mind you are in good hands!
  • Companionship – Companionship is an invaluable service that their caregivers provide in order to make you or your loved ones feel appreciated, loved and cared for. Companionship through 24 Hour Home Care allows their clients to continue to socialize and engage in thoughtful and meaningful interactions that will boost their self-esteem and improve their mood!
  • Respite Care – Their respite care services allow family and primary caregivers to take a much needed and well-deserved break from caring for their loved ones. They know that even caregivers deserved to be cared for, which is where their respite care services come in! Allow us to care for your loved ones, while you rest and recharge.
  • Transportation – Their transportation services through RideWith24™ allows their clients to request on-demand rides, without the use of a smart phone or app. Their partnership with various ride-sharing companies allows us to provide you with on-demand pick-up and drop-off at any time of the day.

Website: https://www.24hrcares.com/