Texas Mutual

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As the leader of the workers’ compensation market, Texas Mutual is committed to building a stronger, safer Texas. They were created in 1991 to offer a stable, competitive source of workers’ compensation. Their mono-line focus has allowed them to excel in the industry. They exist to protect businesses, promote safe environments and help ensure Texas workers get home safely to their families.


The company provides a stable, competitive source of workers’ compensation insurance for Texas employers, acts as the insurer of last resort, and helps to prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses and minimizes their consequences.


They will build a stronger, safer Texas by being the model provider of workers’ compensation insurance through innovative, responsive partnerships with their customers, communities and each other.


Integrity: They, as responsible stewards of the company’s mission and assets, adhere to high ethical standards.

Service: They provide excellent service to their customers.

Safety: They put employee safety first.

Respect: They treat each other and their stakeholders with dignity and respect.

Effectiveness: They use their resources effectively.

Teamwork: They work together to achieve common goals.

Innovation: They encourage initiative and embrace change in a dynamic business environment.

Website : https://www.texasmutual.com/