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HBC was founded in early 2011 by Ryan Holloway. After serving over 8 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps, Ryan transitioned from being a full-time marine into an HR professional in early 2003. This began a journey and awoke a passion for helping companies who value their employees. After spending time working with a COBRA and FSA Administrator, an insurance company, and a large brokerage, Ryan realized that thy are more unique and creative solutions for businesses than other companies they are willing or able to realize. Seizing on his own entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan set out to found an independent agency designed to provide unique and original insurance solutions. They are an expert group health insurance broker in Dallas Fort Worth.

Employee Benefits

Offering group benefits to your employees attracts a higher caliber of worker, and makes your company more successful and profitable. When an applicant looks for employment, the two most important factors they consider are salary and benefits. HBC will help you recruit and retain quality employees by setting you up with an affordable and attractive employee benefits package.

Employee benefits may include but are not limited to:


International Health

These programs are designed to provide the same protection your employees are used to at home while they’re on the road. Living and working abroad is inherently exciting, but also has inherent risks. International health insurance is designed to cover up insurance holes when abroad to make sure that if something goes wrong, it doesn’t cause permanent physical or financial damage.

Most medical plans simply can’t cover international injuries or similar emergencies and leave employees without a workable solution. Make sure your employees are covered at home or abroad by letting Holloway find the best possible international health insurance solution.

International health benefits may include but are not limited to:


Executive Incentive Benefits

Every business has key individuals and executives that keep the business afloat. Have you considered what would happen to your company if those key employees passed away or became disabled? Now might be the time to think about it. These programs provide extra incentive for your highly-regarded employees to stay with your company, and to continue to perform at a high level.


The Affordable Care Act has created more rules and regulations for businesses to follow. Are you providing all the correct notices to your employees? Do you have all of the correct legal setup documents in place? If you they are audited by the DOL or the IRS, could you show proof of all your systems being set up correctly and the proper notifications being provided to your employees when they are hired and when they are terminated? If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, reach out to them today and they can help you evaluate your program and get all of the proper documents in place to help you protect your company if and when you ever are audited.


There’s a lot of buzz in today’s employee benefits world about wellness programs. Using a wellness program is a great way to help your employee population improve their health. They keep your employees healthy, improve your company culture, and create a fun & cooperative work environment.

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