Swanand Kala Prasarak Kendra

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The “Swanand Kala Prasarak Kendra,” established in 2006 and led by Mrs. Swati Kolle, is a renowned institution located in Thane, Mumbai. This esteemed cultural center has been dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the rich Indian heritage through the art of Kathak dance. Under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Swati Kolle, the Kendra has flourished as a hub for Kathak enthusiasts, offering comprehensive training and nurturing young talents.

With a commitment to upholding the traditional essence of Kathak while infusing it with contemporary elements, the Swanand Kala Prasarak Kendra has earned recognition for its outstanding contributions to the world of performing arts. Through its unwavering dedication and the expertise of Mrs. Swati Kolle, the Kendra continues to inspire and educate individuals in the graceful art form of Kathak, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for India’s cultural legacy.

Courses Offered

  • Small Wonder Batch (For Age group 3 years to 6 years)
  • Kathak Batch (For Age group 6 and above)

Visit Website: http://kathakart.com/