Zero Six Consulting LLC

zero six consulting llc

Zero/Six Consulting, LLC was founded in 2003 by Bill Coltzer Jr., AIA in response to an industry wide need for higher performing and cohesive building envelope systems. Since its establishment, Zero/Six has become a leader in delivering innovative solutions for the creation and maintenance of better building envelopes. A firm focused solely on building envelope integrity, they have assembled a staff of professionals with diverse skill sets — Architects, Engineers, LEED Green Associates, Registered Roofing Observers (RRO), Project Managers, and Field Specialists — to achieve the necessary “whole building” approach.

Zero Six Consulting LLC is Expertise in:

Pre-Construction – The pre-construction phase is where mistakes can be addressed and where crucial decisions can be implemented to minimize maintenance related life cycle costs and maximize the sustainability of a building. Bringing together design and construction, Zero/Six delivers comprehensive pre-construction services that ensure every design produces buildings that provide long-term weather resistance and energy efficiency, regardless of the size or complexity.

Construction – Zero/Six Consulting brings their clients the right people at the right time to ensure the integrity, quality and performance of complex projects is what remains when the dust settles after construction. Zero/Six does this through performance-driven leadership that delivers real-world, cost-effective solutions and strategic initiatives you can trust throughout the life of your project.

Building ​Envelope Commissioning – Z6 Consulting puts the building envelope system to the test so that designers and installers “understand” that their products and workmanship must meet the international standards of performance. With their distinctive background in the building envelope industry standards of performance testing, they have built an expansive knowledge of envelope materials, systems, installation, and warranties allowing us to provide owners with weather resistant and energy-efficient facilities.

zero six consulting llc

Energy Performance & Optimization – Energy performance & optimization modeling allows owners and facility managers to “test drive” their major investments in building construction before gaps in the exterior envelope design and construction leave their buildings interior at the mercy of the elements. At Zero/Six, we generate virtual models that expose the oversights of its envelope design and materials, building orientation, HVAC systems, equipment loads and lighting systems that impact energy performance, occupancy comfort and construction costs, resulting in a return on investment (ROI) and peace of mind unobtainable prior to the advent of the technological ally of Zero/Six energy performance & optimization modeling.

Forensic Architecture Firms – The Zero/Six team takes to the air, land and sea to investigate buildings, spaces, and other environments to resolve conflicts on any specific construction issue. We provide forensic evaluation, along with expert witness, professional testimony and unmanned aircraft services for cases related to design, construction and maintenance deficiencies.

Facility Asset Management Program – Your roof is a costly component of the building envelope with its integrity being a large factor in the efficiency of your facility. Unlike many other building envelope components, roofs are susceptible to severe weathering, expansion, contraction and abuse, which can result in additional roof system degradation. To guarantee a roof system performs optimally and ensure warranty compliance, manufacturers require annual maintenance and upkeep to the roof system.