HVJ Associates

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HVJ delivers superior engineering services. They delight clients, employees, providers, and franchisees by always developing improved ability to succeed working together. Following is a sampling of comments they received:

  • It is hard to compare HVJ to other subs, they just “get it” they know what you need
  • HVJ is very reliable; they are professional in the services they provide
  • They’ve been cooperative in working with the system to get their projects moved forward.
  • Their understanding of the technical side is valuable.  I’m not a geotech engineer and I need them to really know their stuff—they do.
  • Their services are excellent. They’re not just responsive. They are reachable and available. They find a way to get someone out to the job and help out if needed.
  • HVJ does a really good job of producing a service that in return reduces their risk back to their client, which is the ecstasy of the team.

Much of HVJ’s work is repeat business with long-term clients. Their accomplishments are a direct result of the individual effort and dedication of each HVJ employee and their commitment to the high standards and ideals set by HVJ’s Management Team. The keystone of their business is the relationship they establish with each client that translates to a commitment to meet each client’s unique needs on their project. Their entire team is trained to listen, take ownership, keep commitments, and stay in touch. Their difference is the unrelenting focus on the improving the ability to interact effectively, which is what makes a difference.

Website : https://www.hvj.com/