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HOK was founded in 1955 in St. Louis and specializes in a wide range of commercial work from sports stadiums to airports and hotels. It currently has 23 offices nationwide including the Houston branch, which opened in 1984. The local team designed its own LEED-Platinum open-floor office, which is led by Roger Soto as the principal and regional design director. It’s hard to imagine Houston without the space program or the energy sector, and its work with NASA and BP is what makes HOK’s local office uniquely Houston. The global firm worked on NASA’s first LEED Platinum project and a BP computing center. HOK Houston’s portfolio has won several architectural and design awards, including the Houston Business Journal’s Landmark Award.

Workspaces say a lot about a company. Their form, location and design provide the public with a sense of an organization’s values, strength and commitment to the community. For employees, these spaces play a critical role in facilitating productivity, shaping office culture and attracting top talent. HOK’s corporate specialists collaborate with clients to transform their visions and needs into vibrant, high-performance environments.


The NASA Johnson Space Center’s Building 20 is 57 percent more energy efficient than a typical office building. HOK achieved this with an underflow air system, an energy wheel that pre-conditions outdoor air, and a solar hot water harvesting system. The firm’s stated aesthetic for Building 20 was a “less-is-more” approach, with understated, rectangular angles on the sparsely decorated building. Johnson Space Center Building 20 won an AIA Houston Design Award and an Engineering News-Record Texas & Louisiana Judges Award for Best Green Building Project.

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