Fisher Heck Architects


Opened in 1982, Fisher Heck Architects is a leading local firm known for providing sustainable design, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation services mainly for church projects. Though it has worked on more than 150 church and church-related projects, Fisher Heck Architects has also worked on hotels, retail spaces, and infill projects among other endeavors. Over time, these projects have earned it associations with several local, regional, and national organizations including the AIA, the TSA, and Preservation Texas among many others. Lewis Fisher leads the firm as president and principal. A passionate urbanist, he received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. Jim Heck meanwhile serves the firm as senior vice-president and principal. A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Architecture, Heck has been designing buildings in Texas since 1976 and is a past president of AIA San Antonio.

Featured Projects

One of the most beautiful of Fisher Heck Architects’ many church projects is the Saint Anthony Claret Catholic Church, which is also known as the “Church in the Clouds” because it sits on the highest point around San Antonio. Clearly designed to evoke the sacred in nature, the nave faces large windows with clear and pure views of the natural setting, and the elegant wood ceilings and warm interiors create an atmosphere both safe and inspiring. Fisher Heck Architects also won several historic preservation awards for its restoration of an old Knights of Pythias building in the quaint 19th-century small town of Cuero, Texas. This 13.1 square-foot preservation and expansion project for the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum is seen as an important step in the resurgence of the town’s downtown.

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