Apollo BBC

apollo bbc
They join your team and make a difference – not just produce a stack of papers.

Apollo BBC is a multidisciplinary building consulting firm. Their expertise in Building Science allows us to integrate their services, distinguishing us from typical architectural and engineering consulting companies.

They diagnose problems and make buildings better places in which to live and work. Whether it’s moisture intrusion, historic structure renovation, facade failures, or indoor comfort problems, they are uniquely qualified to diagnose issues effectively. Their expertise in structural and mechanical systems allows us to resolve an extensive range of the most challenging building-related problems. Their clients are diverse and include building owners, contractors, architects, insurance companies, and attorneys.

They are different from other firms

To some, it’s amazing how much wall and roof systems are impacted by other parameters such as the building’s air conditioning strategy. To us, it’s normal business. They focus on the depth of knowledge required to find out why a building performs or doesn’t. Their unique whole-building approach sets us apart.

They aren’t bound by the constraints of traditional Designers, Architects, or Engineers (C, S, M, E, & P). They look at the big picture by integrating the building sciences.

Apollo BBC experts strive to become members of your team, clearly understand your objectives and efficiently work to meet your needs. As such, they understand that the best solution is not always the most expensive and complicated. Even simple solutions in design or construction can provide long lasting benefits.

Core values that drive their actions

Apollo BBC is committed to serving their clients, advancing their field, and bettering their community. They demand excellence and integrity of themselves. They are proud of their corporate culture and want to share the values that guide their business.

  • Consistently exceed their clients’ expectations in an honest and accountable manner.
  • Make buildings better and safer places for people to live and work.
  • Minimize the impacts that construction causes to the environment.
  • Elevate all those with whom they are involved, even those with whom they disagree.
  • Create an exciting, open, and diverse working environment that continually challenges their staff to innovate and be creative.

Website : https://www.apollobbc.com/