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Alamo Architects is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in institutional, educational, multifamily and retail architecture as well as urban planning.   Their populist view of the world and their enthusiasm for taking on pragmatic projects like public schools, shopping centers and affordable housing defines their approach to making resonant and memorable people places that transcend their roots.  They apply a unique and award-winning sensibility to projects large and small, innovative and everyday, and believe that good design can change the world – one project at a time.

A multi-disciplinary firm established in 1984, Alamo Architects provides architectural design, planning, and interior design services mostly for institutional, educational, multifamily, and retail projects. Over the years, it has also done master planning and project management services for complex integrated urban projects for clients in San Antonio and throughout Texas. With years of experience, it has crafted projects that have garnered awards such as the ABC’s 2014 Excellence in Construction Award and the AIA’s 2014 Award for Excellence in Design. The firm’s founding principal Irby Hightower graduated from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and spent time in New York before dedicating himself to San Antonio. A local leader in urban design, Hightower helped realize the popular San Antonio Riverwalk as a longtime member of the River Oversight Committee. The firm’s other founding principals—Billy Lawrence, Mike McGlone, and Mike Lanford—also graduated from UT Austin and spent time in New York.

Featured Projects

On the 7th floor of the historic Rand building is the new Geekdom Headquarters which boasts a shower room, lockers, and a napping area. To give the area a wide, open feel, transparent glass sliding doors were installed to open up to 20 offices available for tech startups. The community work area is also larger than the current location and snakes throughout the floor, including open corner lounges and a centralized gathering space. As the companies grow, removable wall panels allow for building management to combine smaller offices into larger ones.

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